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    Utopia Designs is an architecture firm set up in the year 2007 in Surat, Gujarat.We are a group of concordant professionals with the dynamic thought process to achieve the goal of the utmost importance “Customer Satisfaction” in the field of residential, commercial and institutional projects. We have built up a profound feeling of comprehension of customer’s needs and also developed an inventive methodology, blunder free tasks and frameworks have brought about financially reasonable arrangements.

    Perfection is a word that we believe goes alongside architecture and we ensure to keep it that way. We believe in the optimum utilisation of resources to limit the costs to an appreciable extent. Punctuality is something we’re determined to have. We rigorously follow the deadlines and cumulate all the resources to ensure that a commitment is never unfulfilled. We believe that our customers are an integral part of our working process hence we involve them in the creative process as well as its execution. The achievements made by Utopia Designs in the field of Architecture & Interior Designing are evident by the smile on our customers’ faces.

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    Surat, Gujarat, India



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    We offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to all your needs, whether it be residential, commercial or institutional. We are adept in the utilisation of resources hence we provide you with timely completed projects which also have the added benefit of being cost controlled. At Utopia Designs, we equalise all the projects in terms of efforts regardless of the scale or the category of the project.

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    Interior Design

    We understand the importance of the interior space of a project in residential as well as commercial aspects. Efficient allocation of furniture, selecting the colour of the paint that enhances the features of the place are amongst the various factors that weigh in during developing the interior layout of a project. Providing the best combination of all these factors is what Utopia Designs is proficient at.

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    The structure of a building is not the only contributing factor to the aesthetic of the building, the surrounding fauna also plays an integral part in the comprehensive exquisiteness. We strive to keep you as close to nature as we can. Every bit of detail including the choice of fauna in the adjacent surrounding is carefully planned to enhance the project.

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    Product Design

    Our experienced team understands how to strike the perfect balance between innovation, aesthetics, and functionality. We bring together deep understanding of various innovative methodologies, technologies, and materials based on your requirements to provide you with bespoke products for your space.


    Apurva Desai

    Apurva Desai

    Vipul Nakrani

    Vipual Nakrani

    Interior Designer
    Urvakhsh Chichgar

    Urvakhsh Chichgar

    Interior Designer
    Bhavin Swami

    Bhavin Swami

    Interior Designer